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Improving health and outcomes of patients suffering from various types of diseases or illnesses is one of the major challenges faced by the medical community. Medical Nutrition is now getting increasingly recognised as key to effective disease management that help improve clinical outcomes.

Resergene Biosciences - a Medical Nutrition Company, based in Bangalore, is engaged in the manufacture, Sales and Marketing of innovative nutritional supplements and other healthcare related products. Started with the sole idea of bringing a new dimension to the way patients are managed through Medical nutrition, Resergene Biosciences is currently exploring opportunities to market innovative medical solutions that are developed and patented by companies that do not have the necessary infrastructure to market their products.

We are currently in the process of building our reputation by offering nutritional solutions for people with specific dietary needs related to illnesses or disease states by discovering and developing nutritional products that meet the changing nutrition needs that help improve the quality of life of our people of all ages. In doing so, we play a vital role in not only bringing down the incidence of chronic diseases but also in reducing the cost of treating them and transforming the quality of lives of millions of patients.

Our Mission | Philosphy

Resergene Bioscience’s mission is to bring health through food and in doing so, encourage the use of nutrition not only in disease management but also in managing good health and Wellness. Currently, we have developed a broad range of products to support growth, health and wellness of people of all ages through disease prevention and management. In doing so, we are empowering healthcare professionals to manage the nutritional needs of patients with a variety of disease conditions. We are also in the process of developing products to support healthy lifestyle.

Our Philosophy is to make nutrition as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and disease management. In doing so, we would like to ensure that our products can be easily accessed by majority of our people and making them affordable

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