Nutrition Supplement For Metabolic Stress

Our body responds to stress by activating the Central Nervous System and the hormone system in order to maintain homeostasis. The maginitude and the duration of stress determines the ability of the body to respond. Whether the stress is accidental (Burns, Accident etc) or necessary (Surgery), the body’s metabolic rate raises significantly thus becoming hypermetabolic. As the body responds to stress, there is increased breakdown of Carbohydrates, proteins and fats in order to meet the increased metabolic needs.

During moderate stress (Surgery, Cancer, Infection etc), the protein requirement increases from 0.8gm/kg to 1-1.5g/kg body wt. In Severe stress such as Burns, the requirement goes up considerably to 2gm/kg body weight, depending on the extent of burns.

Thus, stress significantly affects nutritional status. Impaired nutritional status first affects the immune system and its ability to protect the body. Therefore, it is important to provide adequate nutrition support during metabolic strss.


Accumaxe Advance is a complete, balanced nutrition supplement that is designed for metabolically stressed patients who can benefit from an enteral formula.

Accumaxe Advance is a

  • Calorie dense formulation. Provides 387 Kcals/100gm. Provides adequate energy to meet increased energy demands due to metabolic stress.
  • Combinational protein. Accumaxe advance provides very high protein content of 40%. Combinational protein ensures continuous avaialbility of Amino Acids. It also supports, preserves and promotes muscle health.
  • Added Glutamine, Alpha Lipoic acid and MCT. The only formula to provide both Glutamine and Alpha Liopic Acid to support wound healing and provide immune support.
  • Advanace Fibre system. Contains dietary fibre and Inulin to ensure healthy gut.
  • Heart healthy fat. High MUFA and Omega 3 support heart health.
  • Meets or exceeds 100% of the RDI for 28 vitamins and minerals.
  • Gluten, Lactose and Sugar free. Suitable for for a wide variety of patients including those who are lactose intolerant diabetics.

  • Who are metabolically stressed such as those with burns, surgical trauma etc
  • Who can benefit from an enteral formula supplemented with Glutamine.
  • For tube feeding.
  • Lactose and intolerant diabetics.
  • For supplemental use or as a sole source of nutrition.

Recommended dose is 30gm (One scoop) or as directed by the Physician

Oral Feed - Add one level scoop (30gms) to 100 ml lukewarm water or milk. Stir well and drink immediately.

Enteral Feed - Administer the prepared solution as above into an enteral feeding tube. Flush with water before and after administration

Accumaxe Advance is not to be used in:
  • Children below 5 years of age, neonates and infants
  • Not for parenteral use

Accumaxe is available in HDPE packs of 200gms.

Accumaxe is available Vanilla flavor

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