Nutrition supplement for the Diabetics

Nutrition therapy and counselling are an integral part of the treatment and self-management of diabetes. The goals of nutrition therapy are to maintain or improve quality of life and nutritional and physiological health; and to prevent and treat acute and long-term complications of diabetes, associated comorbid conditions and concomitant disorders. Nutrition therapy can improve glycemic control by reducing glycated hemoglobin (A1C) by 1.0% to 2.0% (2–5) and, when used with other components of diabetes care, can further improve clinical and metabolic outcomes, resulting in reduced hospitalization rates.


Accumaxe DM is a complete, balanced nutrition supplement that is designed for patients with diabetes or impaired glucose metabolism. It is low in Carbohydrate, high in protein, heart healthy fats, soluble and insoluble fibres and Vitamins/Minerals

Accumaxe DM:

  • Is a calorie dense formulation. Provides 443 kcals/100gm or 111 kcals/serving to meet the increased energy requiements due to diabetes.
  • Unique Slow release carbohydrate system keeps the blood sugar levels more stable between meals and improve the feeling of saiety to maintain a healthy weight and prevent chronic diseases.
  • Heart healthy fats that are enriched with high MUFA and low PUFA to support healthy lipid levels
  • Advance fibre system to control appetite and thereby the blood sugar levels, manaage weight and choleterol.
  • Complete range of vitamins and minerals
  • Sugar, lactose and Gluten free. Suitable for a variety of patients including those who are intolerant to Gluten and Lactose.

  • Patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • Patients with impaired glucose metabolism
  • For supplemental nutrition

Recommended dose is 25gm (One scoop) or as directed by the Physician

Oral feed - as supplement Mix 25gm of Accumaxe DM in 100ml lukewarm water or milk. Stir well until completely dissolved

Enteral Feed - Gradually add 25gm of Accumaxe DM in 100ml lukewarm water or milk. Stir well until completely dissolved. Administer immediately into the enteral feeding tube. Flush tube with water before and after feeding.

Accumaxe DM is not to be used in:
  • People with Galactosemia and lactose intolerance
  • Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients
  • Not for children unless recommended by a Physician or a dietitian
  • Not for parenteral use

Accumaxe DM is available in HDPE packs of 200 and 500gms.

Accumaxe DM is available Vanilla flavor

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